Think aHEAD is BIAMI’s new statewide initiative to increase helmet use, save lives and prevent brain injuries by breaking down the misperception that it is not cool to wear helmets. It’s all about changing behaviors! As a part of the initiative, children and teens “caught” wearing helmets during recreational sports will be rewarded with partner coupons, free food and giveaways by participating partners and local police officers, ski patrols, firefighters.


Skiing and snowboarding are among the sports with the highest number of head and neck injuries.

If you’ll do anything to protect your smartphone and tablet, why wouldn’t you do the same for your most valuable possession – your brain? It’s important for parents and those who work with children and teens to model safe behavior by wearing a helmet during recreational activities like skiing, snowboarding, bicycling, skateboarding and horseback riding. A change in behavior starts with you!


Snowboarders have a 50% higher rate of head and neck injuries compared to skiers.

BIAMI strives to partner with individuals and organizations who share our passion for wearing a helmet and want to help prevent brain injuries and save lives. For example, take former professional snowboarder Brooke Brewer, who survived a traumatic brain injury during Olympic training because she was wearing a helmet.

Exciting pop-up events to celebrate helmet use and feature our campaign partners are scheduled throughout the state. Check out the press release announcing the launch. If you or your organization would like to get involved, please contact us.

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