Board and Staff


Thomas J. Constand, BA
President & CEO
(810) 229-5880 ext. 17
Financial, Programs, Development, Communications, Public Policy, Human Resources, Asset Management, Partner Organizations, BIAA
Nichole Shotwell, MSW
Vice President of Programs & Operations
(810) 229-5880 ext. 16
Education Programs; I & R Services; Chapters; Individual Advocacy; Human Resources; General Operations
Gerald Schorin, Ph. D.
Director of Marketing & Development
(810) 229-5880 ext. 18
Developing fundraising opportunities, maintaining and growing the donor base, and advancing marketing efforts
Diane Dugan, MS
Program Outreach Coordinator
(810) 229-5880 ext. 22
Agency & Veterans Outreach & Training; ACBIS; Family & Individual Support & Advocacy; Chapter Support
Kathie Sell
Information & Resources Coordinator
(810) 229-5880 ext. 12
Family, Individual & Veteran Support; Chapter Liaison; NBIIC; Chapter Liaison; Membership Support
Alexandra Weston, BS
Program Coordinator
(810) 229-5880 ext. 23
Fall Conference; Specialty Conferences; Webinars; General Training; Events Support
Sharon Schannault
Office Manager & Bookkeeper
(810) 229-5880 ext. 19
Accounts Payable & Receivable; Bank Reconciliation; Financial Statements; Purchasing Authorization; IT Coordination; Database Management
Jacey VarnHagen, MA
Administrative Assistant & Board Liaison
(810) 229-5880
Database Entry; Mail Processing; Program Support; Development Support; B.O.D. Support; MBIPC Support
Nathaniel Smith, MA
Communications Associate
(810) 229-5880 ext. 14
Communications (Publications, Collateral Material); Web Master; Social Media Coordinator; Membership Support; IT Coordination; Database Management

Board of Directors

Board Officers

Kevin Arnold, MA
Board Chairperson
General Manager, BPV Environmental
Greta Wu
Immediate Past Chairperson
Senior Vice President of Human Services, Peckham, Inc.
Martha Nield
Vice Chairperson
Survivor family member and caregiver
Bethany Agauas
Consultant, UHY Advisors
Julie Gronek, MD
Survivor family member and caregiver

Board Members

Cheryl Angelelli
Marketing and Public Relations Director, DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan
Roderick Arnold
Survivor, Social Worker, Detroit Public Schools
Erica Coulston
President and Owner, Walk the Line to SCI Recovery
Robert Fabiano, Ph.D.
Executive Director, PAR Rehab Services
Tammy Hannah
Executive Director, Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center
Jeffrey Hoover, Esq.
Partner, Howard and Howard Law Firm
Sherri McDaniel
Chief Executive Officer, Sage Solutions Group
Linda Michaels Gruber
President and Owner, Case Management Plus
Sheila Perlman
Owner, Preferred Medical Transport
Heidi Reyst, Ph.D.
President, Sage Solutions Group
Jack Richert
Vice President, Special Tree Rehabilitation
George Sinas, Esq.
Attorney and Managing Partner, Sinas, Dramis, Brake, Boughton & McIntyre, PC
Thomas Sinas, Esq.
Attorney, Sinas, Dramis, Brake, Boughton & McIntyre, PC
Phillip Weaver
President and CEO, Hope Network
Marty Zobrovitz
Survivor, Volunteer
Tim Hoste
MBIPC Representative
Manager of Building Services & Government/Community Liaison, Unique Options, LLC
Eisenhower Center
Special Tree
Community Connections
Lightouse Neurological Rehabilitation Center