President’s Welcome

The Brain Injury Association of Michigan is a small association with a huge mission — to improve the lives of those affected by brain injury and reduce the incidence and impact of brain injury through advocacy, awareness, education, prevention, research, and support. How a 10-person non-profit can succeed in achieving a mission of such magnitude would be impossible were it not for the extraordinary commitment to Michigan’s brain injury survivor community by our staff, sponsors, members, and volunteers.

I know about that commitment first-hand because, well before I was president of the BIAMI, I was the parent of a son who sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury in a watercraft accident. The help and support provided by the BIAMI was an amazing informational and emotional resource at that time, and one beyond a doubt instrumental in my son’s recovery.

As you explore this website and the full range of our resources, I hope you sense that same depth of concern, commitment, and helpfulness – whether you’re a brain injury survivor, family member, caregiver, brain injury professional, or interested member of the public.


Tom Constand
President and CEO


Everyone affected by brain injury will have immediate and equal access to services and support to help lead full and meaningful lives.


To improve the lives of those affected by brain injury and to reduce the incidence and impact of brain injury through advocacy, awareness, education, prevention, research, and support.

BIAMI: Who We Are and What We Do

The Brain Injury Association of Michigan, BIAMI, a 501(c)(3) GuideStar Gold organization, is one of the longest established (1980), largest (nearly 800 members), and most productive of the Brain Injury Association of America’s state affiliates. Our mission is to improve the lives of those affected by brain injury and reduce the incidence and impact of brain injury through advocacy, awareness, education, prevention, research, and support.

More on what we do

  • Serve as a link between brain injury survivors, families, and caregivers and the nation’s most extensive network of specialized medical, psychological, rehabilitation facility, therapeutic, case management, legal, and ancillary services
  • Support 20 chapters and support groups statewide
  • Respond in depth to over 2000 hotline calls annually
  • Aggressively advocate for policies and legislation in Lansing and nationally that support brain injury survivors
  • Host active social media platforms for survivors, families, caregivers, and brain injury specialists
  • Provide education and training to families and professionals
  • Promote brain injury prevention via public education, legislative action, and community events
  • Develop and support programs assisting brain injured veterans
  • Promote awareness and acceptance of brain injury through March Brain Injury Awareness Month events and activities -- such as statewide free screenings of concussion documentary “Head Games” followed by panel discussions
  • Support our corporate and institutional members with major events and activities including a Legacy Gala Dinner with over 1100 attendees, East and West Golf Outings, a Lansing fundraising, and numerous others
  • Provide a major regional forum for brain injury research per our 2-day Annual Conference with 1500 attendees, the largest of its kind in the nation
  • Organize and host Spring Fling, our annual meeting for survivors and the brain injury community

We work vigorously in partnership with our provider network to establish, protect, and preserve the laws, policies, and systems that comprise the very foundation of Michigan’s robust network of brain injury caregivers. For more information on our advocacy efforts, please visit our Advocacy page.


Awareness is critical to BIAMI’s mission. By raising awareness for brain injury, the foundation is laid for better educating the public, advocating for changes to improve the lives of those living with brain and their families, future brain injuries can be prevented, more interest in generated for researching brain injury and developing new treatments, and brain injury survivors are better able to find the support they need.


Our Continuing Education Series offers specific conferences, webinars, and events throughout the year that educate communities and professionals on brain injury. For more information, please visit our Education page.


BIAMI strives to further our mission of brain injury prevention through community education and public awareness campaigns.


We encourage and assist in research though various state, regional, and clinically-oriented research projects, including the Ohio Valley Brain Program under the auspices of the Ohio Valley Center for Brain Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation.


We provide critical assistance and community involvement opportunities for brain injury survivors and family members on a grassroots level through the monthly meetings of our 20 chapters and support groups across the state.

Financial Transparency

The Brain Injury Association of Michigan seeks to be transparent in its financial operations by making our Annual Reports, IRS Form 990, and Audited Financial Statements publicly available. Our financial information is available for review on Guidestar. Guidestar’s mission is to revolutionize philanthropy and nonprofit practice by providing information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving. The BIAMI is a GuideStar Platinum participant due to our transparency and compliance with reporting requirements.

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