Thank you for your interest in supporting the efforts of the Brain Injury Association of Michigan.

Your contribution will help improve the lives of thousands of brain injury survivors and their families each year by funding essential community outreach and support programs; critical advocacy efforts to protect Michigan’s exemplary system of brain injury medical and rehabilitative care; and continuing education for both brain injury survivors and professionals.


Because the Brain Injury Association of Michigan is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, every contribution is both tax deductible and greatly appreciated. We’re also a GuideStar Platinum participant non-profit, which acknowledges our commitment to organizational transparency. Learn more and obtain BIAMI financial and other information on GuideStar.





Simply put, our volunteers are the lifeblood of the BIAMI. Whether you have a background in event planning, or simply enjoy the camaraderie of volunteering and want to get more involved, we welcome you with open arms!

Organize a Team or Event

The Brain Injury Association of Michigan occasionally considers non-profit sponsorship of, or partnership with, various fundraising events throughout Michigan. If you’re a cyclist, runner, jogger, walker, you’re encouraged to recruit a team and help us raise funds. For more information, please email us at: info@biami.org.

Why Donate?

At this juncture in our young history, the BIAMI’s work has significantly benefited Michigan’s brain injury professional community, the Michigan public (thanks to our diligent legislative advocacy efforts), and tens of thousands of brain injury survivors and their families through our Family Helpline, online resources, chapters and support groups, and prevention and educational outreach. But enormous and critically important tasks remain.

There are thousands of survivors and families whose injuries did not result from automotive accidents and thus don’t benefit from Auto No-Fault insurance coverage. For many of those people, the depletion of family finances due to medical bills pushed them into bankruptcy or insolvency and they’re in dire need of basic services. And the job of educating the public – especially kids and teens – about brain injury prevention and causes (distracted driving, for example) has barely begun.

Every dollar of your gift is dedicated to these objectives and helps make it possible for the BIAMI to both reduce the incidence of brain injury and support the men, women, and children who’ve survived it. Remember, too, a gift to BIAMI is a wonderful way to honor, remember, or thank someone, as well as recognizing that special person or occasion in your life. All honorary and memorial tributes not only receive our written thanks, but acknowledgment in BIAMI publications.

There are over 200,000 brain injury survivors in Michigan and our goal is to reach out and support every one of them.

Gift Matching: Double the value of your contribution!

Many corporations offer gift matching programs. If yours does – you can check with the organization’s Human Resources or Personnel staff to find out – your gift to the BIAMI can be doubled! Let us know if we can assist you in the process.

Gift Types and Procedures

Personal donation

Make your check payable to:
The Brain Injury Association of Michigan and mail to:
7305 Grand River Avenue, Suite 100
Brighton, MI 48114

You can also donate directly via our online link.

In Honor of and Memorial Tributes

When you make a personal donation, please be certain to let us know if you’re honoring or memorializing an individual and any other relevant details.

Planned Giving

For charitable bequests, estate, annuity, equity gifts, or major non-financial contributions, please contact BIAMI President and CEO, Tom Constand, at tconstand@biami.org, or phone the office at (810) 229-5880.

Gifting Survivor Families in Need

Should you wish to directly help support a brain injury survivor with significant financial needs and his or her family, whether acknowledged or anonymously, the BIAMI gladly accepts grocery, gas, and other gift cards that we’ll distribute appropriately. Please contact Vice President of Programs Nichole Shotwell at nshotwell@biami.org to learn more.

There are over 200,000 brain injury survivors in Michigan and our goal is to reach out and support every one of them.

Corporate Partnership and Giving Opportunities

The BIAMI offers companies both within and beyond the brain injury community multiple opportunities for contributing financially, sponsoring events and activities, and contributing through in-kind resources such as staff volunteering. Please contact Tom Constand at tconstand@biami.org for more information. Background on BIAMI sponsorships can be found at this link.

Support BIAMI’s Legacy Society

The Brain Injury Association of Michigan’s Legacy Society was founded in 1999 to develop a perpetual fund from which investment income will provide a financial base for the organization. Membership in the Legacy Society is open to individuals and families who are supportive of the mission and whose gifts satisfy the stated requirements.

New Legacy Society members are publicly celebrated at the BIAMI’s Spring Tribute Legacy Society Dinner each April, and honorary new members – professionals, practitioners, and outstanding leaders in brain injury – are at that time also inducted. Whether donors of significance or significant practitioners and leaders within the brain injury community, Legacy Society members are held in special esteem by the BIAMI membership and all of our constituencies.

Start a Chapter

No chapter or support group in your area? Let us know and we’ll be happy to work with you in identifying potential members and getting a group up and running. Contact Kathie Sell at ksell@biami.org for more information.
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