Speaker Application

Fall Conference 2024

The Brain Injury Association of Michigan (BIAMI) invites you to submit a Speakers Application for the 2024 Fall Conference, which will be held on September 13, 2024 at The Lansing Center in Lansing, Michigan. Because we offer continuing education from multiple accrediting bodies, several pieces of information are required for all speakers.

The purpose of this conference is to provide state-of-the art information about brain injury treatment and therapies, which will foster maximal rehabilitation and a good quality of life. The conference is designed to benefit persons engaged in therapies or treatment with persons recovering from injury as well as caregivers and persons with brain injury. Learning will occur with discussion, case studies, exhibits, practicum, and lectures.

Conference Objectives

After attending this conference, participants will be able to:

  1. Expand understanding of acquired brain injury, including diagnosis, selection of the optimal path for treatment, rehabilitation and community integration outcomes.
  2. Identify the latest research findings in technological, medical and psychosocial advances associated with brain injury rehabilitation.
  3. Develop skills to assess internal and external factors that influence treatment pathways involving families and persons’ with brain injury in the process of regaining self-control and self-determined living.
  4. Utilize innovative strategies for effective management of resources and clinical operations.
  5. Improve collaboration and networking throughout the industry to increase prevention.

Rating System and Session Tracks

To better ensure that conference objectives are met, and that attendees choose the presentations that match their knowledge level, each session is listed in a rating system similar to college course listings.

101 Session: The topic is not complex or somewhat complex, and the content is basic.

201 Session: The topic is somewhat complex or complex, and the content is intermediate.

301 Session: The topic is somewhat complex or complex, and the content is advanced or very advanced.

401 Session: The topic is complex, and the content is advanced or very advanced.

Additionally, sessions will be sorted into distinct tracks to better help attendees decide which sessions best fit their needs. These tracks will be:

  1. Business/Administrative
  2. Clinical
    • Acute Issues
    • Ethics
    • Medical/Physical
    • Psychosocial
    • Special Populations in TBI
  3. Survivor/Quality of Life
  4. Legal

Single Topic Sessions may include up to 1-2 experts on a single topic. These 60-minute sessions offer the opportunity to present state-of-the-art information in the areas of treatment, life planning, rehabilitation, community integration, family support, etc. Session abstracts are based on the relevance of the subject and the content expertise of the speakers.

As a speaker, it is essential that you understand the importance of your commitment and that you will NOT use this opportunity to promote or market your own facilities, program and/or services.



Deadline for Application Submission: April 12, 2024

Notification of Acceptance: May 3, 2024

Speaker Checklist Returned By: June 1, 2024


Submission Instructions and Guidelines

Electronic submissions only. The online form is the preferred method. Once you start the form, you will NOT be able to save it and pick up at a later date, so please prepare the needed information accordingly. If you have trouble completing the form, please contact Nichole Shotwell. In addition to completing the webform link, applicants must upload the following:

  1. CV/Resume- for each speaker
  2. Reference List/Bibliography page- in APA format
  3. Conflict of Interest form – for each speaker. (Download)
  4. Speaker Headshot(s) (Will be mandatory to submit upon speaker selection)

Upload must total 128 MB or less and no more than six (6) files can be uploaded

Allowed file types for documents: pdf, doc

Allowed file types for images: gif, jpg, jpeg, png

Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.

Review and Selection Process

The process to accept sessions is very selective. There are a very limited number of slots available, and the final decision is at the discretion of BIAMI and the Fall Conference Planning Committee.

Acknowledgement: Upon receipt of your submission, you will receive an e-mail acknowledgement.

Notifications: All submitters will be notified about the status of their submission.

Follow-up: In the spring of 2024, BIAMI will meet to review all received applications. If more information is needed about a particular session, the speaker(s) may be contacted for clarification or more information.

If accepted, presenters will need to review, sign, and return a speaker checklist to confirm your acceptance. This checklist will be due by June 1, 2024. All speakers receive a free conference registration.   PLEASE NOTE: All workshop presenters are responsible for all travel-related expenses, including transportation and hotel accommodations. Do not submit a proposal if you cannot accept responsibility for travel-related expenses. Applications are accepted based on a variety of factors, including the specific speakers listed. If a speaker cannot participate after being accepted, BIAMI will work with the original applicant to find a suitable replacement but reserves the right to deny substituted speakers. If your application is accepted, all materials and presentation files must be finalized and submitted to BIAMI staff no later than August 23, 2024. In an effort to be more green and save on paper and printing costs; attendees will be sent a link to download handouts of those presentations sent by the deadline. For all presentations sent in by the deadline, BIAMI will also print a limited number of handout copies to have at each session during the conference in case some attendees need a printed copy. If you do not meet the August 23 deadline, you will be responsible to bring copies of your presentation and any additional handouts with you to the conference if you wish to have them.
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