CBI Rehabilitation Services, Inc.

Program Description

CBI Rehabilitation Services, Inc. specializes in providing Behavior Services in Residential, Vocational, and Community Supports to individuals with traumatic brain injury and cognitive impairments.

Interventions are designed to enhance personal functioning and community progress and are best implemented in settings most closely resembling a natural learning environment. Systemic training to improve skills promotes the dignity of independence. At CBI Rehabilitation Services, Inc. service programs are interdisciplinary, utilizing existing community resources as much as possible. Programs are comprehensive and may be lifelong.

Using the best management and business practices available, CBI Rehabilitation Services, Inc. is able to respond quickly to changing conditions while promoting innovation as an ongoing objective of the agency.


Tyler Curtis
Program Manager

Phone: (517) 349-6975

Fax: (517) 347-6685

Email: hr@cbirehab.com

Website: https://www.cbirehab.com/


3446 East Lake Lansing Rd East Lansing MI 48823
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