Apex Rehabilitation Consultants

Program Description

Case management refers to the planning and coordination of health care services to achieve the goal of medical rehabilitation. In order to do so, the process begins with a personal interview with the injured persons for an overall care assessment to establish their needs. We provide continued assistance to our patients and their family in navigating the development, implementation, and evaluation of their treatment plan.
Our goals include: accurate evaluation of medical conditions, development and implementation of a plan of care, coordination of medical resources, facilitating communication between all members of the treatment team, monitoring the individual’s progress, and promoting cost-effective care.


Darcy Hoyes, RN, BSN, CCM

Phone: (517) 812-6738

Fax: (248) 928-9215

Email: darcy@apexcasemanagement.com

Website: www.apexcasemanagement.com


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