Brain Injury Awareness Month


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March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Throughout this month, BIAMI has various activities, events, initiatives, and special programming across the state. BIAMI is actively working to help de-stigmatize brain injury, empower those who have survived, and promote the breadth and depth of support and rehabilitative care that is available in Michigan.

The #ChangeYourMind campaign provides a platform for changing common misconceptions about brain injury; educates the public on the incidence of brain injury, as well as the needs of those injured and their families; and offers tools and information for anyone to advocate for access to care after brain injury.

During March you can add the #ChangeYourMind Facebook Frame to your profile picture. This special frame will only be available during March to promote Brain Injury Awareness Month. To add a frame to your profile picture:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for #ChangeYourMind and select the frame
  3. Click "Use as Profile Picture" to save

You can also customize photos and videos that you take with the Facebook camera.

For more information on brain injuries, visit our "What is Brain Injury?" page.

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Brain Injury Awareness Month 2018 Schedule

March 6 Understanding Headaches in Traverse City (more info)
March 7 The Crash Reel Screening in Traverse City (more info)
March 9 Duncan Chiropractic Group Fundraising Event
March 15 The Crash Reel Screening in Farmington (more info)
March 20 Understanding Headaches in Lansing (more info)
March 22 Civic Engagement Day (more info)
March 23 Veteran’s Welcome Home Event at USA Hockey Arena
March 28 Understanding Headaches in Detroit (more info)
March 28 The Crash Reel Screening in Ann Arbor (more info)
March 29 Understanding Headaches in Royal Oak (more info)
Eisenhower Center
Special Tree
Community Connections
Lightouse Neurological Rehabilitation Center