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Program Description

The Recovery Project is an industry-leading, research evidence-based outpatient adult and pediatric physical, occupational and speech therapy provider that provides focused and effective rehabilitation and wellness to people with auto/catastrophic spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, neurological disorders and other conditions. The FES Specialty Center at The Recovery Project provides functional electrical stimulation (FES) treatment techniques to help aide in motor recovery of many central nervous system disorders. We work to produce hope and life-changing results for our clients and their support networks.

Multi-disciplinary evidence-based programs for traumatic brain injuries are another part of our firm’s foundation. Our team of compassionate, dedicated therapists has extensive experience working with the specific physical impairments, disabilities, and common cognitive and behavior deficits typical of traumatic brain injuries, and are skilled at building and implementing effective programs that can help improve balance and coordination, reduce reliance on assistive devices, enhance the ability to perform everyday activities and decrease depression and anxiety.


Polly Swingle
President & CEO

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