Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group, LLC (Traverse City)

Program Description

At Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group, we see you for you, not your diagnosis, and it makes all the difference in the world.

We don’t follow the conventional path. Your recovery isn’t put in a box. There’s no template or standard procedure. None of that. Instead, we listen to you. Your story. Your journey. Your dreams and desires. Then we create a plan.

Our outpatient facility is where progress is made and limits are pushed. Our methodology is unconventional yet evidence-based. Does it work? You better believe it. At Life Beyond Barriers Rehabilitation Group, we set bolder goals and surround you with a team committed to reaching them.


Andrea Gubbini
Relations Specialist

Phone: 231-313-2765

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415 Munson Ave Suite 101 Traverse City MI 49686
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