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Seizure Disorder and Brain Injury

Rockin’ for Rehab 2018

Quality of Life Conference 2018

Now Showing: “Unmasking Brain Injury 2.0”

It Opened My Eyes: “Unmasking Brain Injury 2.0” Videographer Shares his Thoughts

Staff Spotlight: Lindsay Flood

BIAMI Auto No-Fault Advocacy Update: 10/4/18

TBI Survivors and Addiction Risk

BIAMI Auto No-Fault Advocacy Update: 10/3/18

Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center to Offer Comprehensive Driver Rehabilitation Service After Receiving A Grant From the Michigan Health Endowment Fund

Amy Fedel Memorial Concert

BIAMI President Tom Constand on WJR

MI-DSA to Bring Informational Presentations to Voters with Disabilities

Survivor Spotlight: Jodi Byers

Lids for Kids

Sam Howell Appears in Video from the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning

Civic Engagement Day Training

Urge Your Legislator to Vote No on HB 5013

Pam Hallman Speaks Before the U.S. Congressional Brain Injury Task Force

UPDATED: BIAMI Strategic Planning, New Meeting Added

BIAMI Strategic Planning Meetings

Keep Up the Letter Writing

Amy Fedel Memorial Benefit Concert

“STATE CHAMPS!” Highlights Concussions

A Response to the Recent CTE Study

Legislative Update: BIAMI & CABT Partners Win 1st Round in Defeating Heavy Truck Legislation

No-Fault: Fix It, Don’t Nix It

Capitol Day, Annual Meeting, and Spring Fling

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Urgent Action Needed: No Repeal Without Replacement

Scott Dingwall Passes Away

Brain Injury Association Hires Director of Development and Marketing

The Online Auction is Now Open for a Limited Time Only!

CPAN Executive Committee Expels MHA

Auto No-Fault Alert

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