What do you do at BIAMI?

In early July, I started as the Event Coordinator, which means I’ll be planning, coordinating, and executing predominately fundraising events such as East and West Golf Outings, and assisting with Rockin’ for Rehab. Additionally, I will be working on the Quality of Life and Legal Conferences, as well as taking on more of a public relations and marketing role in the weeks to come.

What brought you to BIAMI? Why did you choose to work here?

My close friend suffered a brain injury many years ago and has chronic and debilitating migraines due to it. As I witnessed her daily struggles and saw the incorrect assumptions people made, I was given a peek into a survivor’s life. Her family connected me with BIAMI and I began as a Marketing and Development Intern last summer from May-August. After graduating from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Communications, I saw that BIAMI had an open position for the Event Coordinator role and it just seemed like the perfect fit!

What means the most to you working here? What provides you the greatest sense of accomplishment?

What’s so special about working for BIAMI is meeting all of the survivors with their various stories and seeing where life has taken them now. It is certainly a rewarding role as I am assisting in sharing survivors stories through the Unmasking Brain Injury 2.0 project that was just recently revealed.

What is something you think people should understand about brain injury survivors?

It’s important to not minimize their emotions and the daily battles they face, especially as many survivors look “fine” from the outside.

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