"Bad Behavior Also Applies to Insurance Companies"

Thanks to the FREEP's JC Reindl for an informative overview of Michigan's auto no-fault situation. The series shines in underscoring the unethical and often illegal behavior of certain lawyers, facilities, doctors, and hospitals. But bad behavior also applies to insurance companies, which routinely delay or deny claims, dispute medically valid diagnoses, and do everything possible to avoid fulfilling their contractual obligations - all while raking in enormous profits and jacking up costs for other providers that keep premiums rising.

For us at the Brain Injury Association of Michigan, the bottom line is that neither Michigan drivers, nor the State itself, can afford eliminating auto no-fault's catastrophic accident coverage. But significant savings can be achieved by 1) eliminating fraud; 2) forcing insurers to reveal rate-setting data; and 3) looking at all components of our insurance premiums - especially collision coverage. The result could help lower premiums statewide and still protect the catastrophically injured.

Thomas Constand
President and CEO of the Brain Injury Association of Michigan

To see this letter and others published in the Detroit Free Press, click here.

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