The House and Senate have adjourned for the week and while there is one remaining session day in October, it is likely any activity on auto no fault will wait until the lame duck session, starting Nov. 27th. The course of lame duck will be determined by the outcome of the elections in early November. Should there be a shift in party control in the legislature or the governorship switch parties, we can expect a push from House Republicans for a PIP choice plan.

Currently, Rep. Beau LaFave (R-Iron Mountain) has taken his proposal, HB 6343 (2018), and has been shopping it around to his caucus members and leadership. While there was some discussion as to whether or not to bring it up before the elections, nothing came of it. It is important to note that current leadership is supportive of this policy, but are cautious towards running with it in its current form. Rep. Theis still publically states she wants a comprehensive reform package that offers choice and a mandatory rate rollback.

New poll reveals majority of Michigan residents supportprotecting auto no-fault benefits, cracking down on insurance companies’ discriminatory practices: A statewide poll found that the public strongly supports the PIP benefits currently offered in our No-Fault system, with 77% of respondents stating they do not believe insurance companies when they say they want to help consumers save money. Additionally, 65% say the state does a poor job regulating insurance companies to protect consumers. Lastly, there is strong support for the Fair and Affordable package of bills currently buried in the House Insurance Committee.

House Bill 6410 (2018): Rep. Howrylak has introduced HB 6410 which would require that home care agencies have accreditation to be eligible for reimbursement under No-Fault.

House Bill 6439 (2018): Rep. Yaroch introduced HB 6439 requiring the MCCA to be subject to FOIA and to provide its rate making data.

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